CONNECTING OUR COMMUNITY... making us stronger, one language at a time

Not just any bilingual person can be an interpreter! Bridge interpreters are professionals tutored in the methodology and best practices of industry standards as promoted by the National Council of Interpreting in Health Care and Cross-Cultural Communications.  All Bridge interpreters adhere to a nationally recognized Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.

Whether at a doctor’s visit, social service appointment, a conference or an employee meeting, we understand that clear communication and equal access to information are vital service elements for your Limited English Proficiency (LEP) clients and patients. The Bridge provides qualified interpreters 24/7 for all of your on-site and telephone interpreting needs:

  • Medical: Hospitals, clinic, specialty care, mental health, home health care
  • Legal: Court, depositions, police, corrections/jail
  • Government: County health and human service, housing, State hearings and screenings
  • Community: Workforce & job training, crisis centers, legal aid, family care, workshops
  • Corporate: Employee training, banking, manufacturing/production, insurance

Training is offered by in-house, nationally licensed instructors for “The Community Interpreter” coursework. See Resources and Training for more information. 

To request an interpreter, please call 320-259-9239 or complete the Interpreter Request Form and fax it to 320-654-1698 or 952-400-3272.

We are proud members of the following interpreting organizations: